The film originally titled "Dismal" is released in the US as "Desperate Escape"

Ray Brown –
Director / Executive Producer / Producer

In over 20 years in the television and motion picture industry, Ray has worked alongside directors Steven Spielberg, John Frankenhiemer, Terrence Malick, Kathy Bates, Bob Clark and many others. He has worked on wildly successful films such as The New World, Minority Report, Cold Mountain, Rules of Engagement, The Replacements and Cry Wolf – as well as television shows such as Six Feet Under (HBO), Wallace (TNT), Into the Fire (USA), The FBI Files (Discovery) and The Ransom of Red Chief (Disney). Known throughout the industry for his ability to lead a team to its best work, Ray now brings his passion and unrivaled professionalism to Desperate Escape (originally titled and released internationally as Dismal) as director and producer.
W. Jeffery Frizzell –
Executive Producer / Producer

Jeff has worked on over 300 hours of television programming, including 12 television series and 13 movies of the week. He has also worked on feature films (most recently Mission Impossible III), nationally broadcast live television programs (including Garth Brooks Live and A Tribute to Our Heroes with Gloria Estefan), national television commercials and music videos. As executive producer of Desperate Escape (originally titled and released internationally as Dismal), Jeff brings vast experience in locations, transportation and crews, as well as a remarkable ability to shepherd deals that profit all parties equally and fairly.
David O’Donnell –
Screenwriter / Producer

David has produced and written dozens of hours of quality, primetime programming for The National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health and The Learning Channel, among others. He was series producer of Psychic Witness, The FBI Files and The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice, earning numerous Telly and Aurora awards, and now is director of development for a television production company in Virginia. David brings to Desperate Escape (originally titled and released internationally as Dismal) a great deal of experience in crafting and delivering an engaging story from pre-production through post, as he has overseen all aspects of production from research and writing, to casting and art design, to editing, sound design and special effects.

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